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Creative Coaching


Everyone who wishes to activate and explore their Creativity, experiencing the healing and empowering benefits that come from freeing this Life Force.

Whether you are a writer, dancer, painter, florist, knitter, photographer, musician, maker... artist of any kind, or you have yet to discover what your artistic expression looks like, you are welcome and encouraged to experience Creative Unlock.

If you are feeling creatively or emotionally stuck, disconnected within yourself, unmotivated, lacking excitement, if you wish to create something but don’t know where to begin, if you have a project that has become challenging along the way, if you are finding it difficult to maintain a steady creative practice or can’t seem to complete what you started, Creative Unlock provides a safe, supportive and encouraging environment for you to connect with your essence, explore your unique voice, experience freedom of expression... tapping your creativity from various angles with new materials, techniques and Soul Tools.

Everyone is a Creator of some nature, including you!



Creative Discovery, Creative Freedom. A sacred space to help you awaken your Creativity and break through creative blockages, limiting beliefs and old stories of self-judgement: “...I am not creative, I am not an artist…” Yes you are! You will have the opportunity to discover and explore your own authentic language, moving towards full freedom of expression.


Creative Counseling. Conceptual, developmental, technical and emotional support to assist you in the exploration and execution of a creative project of your choice. If you wish or need to work within a chosen timeframe, you will be supported in having a forward momentum structure to help you meet your deadlines and achieve the ongoing joy of experiencing progress and fulfillment that comes with the completion of a project. *You can start with a new project or bring something you are already working on. Or you may not have any direction or preconceived idea, which opens a wonderful opportunity to play and discover how your creativity wants to be expressed.


Soul-Connection, Self-Discovery, Self-Healing. An opportunity for you to experience the healing that comes through accepting, allowing and expressing feelings through the act of making. You will be offered a variety of “Soul Tools” to help you connect with yourself, deepen into your inner process and tap into your own guidance and wisdom. *Soul Tools: Meditation, brainstorming techniques, music, games, free-form writing, intention setting, self-challenges, affirmations, gratitude lists, ideal scenes, amongst others.


Creative Expansion. As a multi-media artist, Claudia will be able to assist you in stepping out of comfort zone / known territory, into new creative spaces and techniques. 2-D and 3-D work, painting, drawing, collaging, assemblage, jewelry making, sketching and mixed media will be offered amongst other techniques. *If your creativity calls for a specific technique, media or process not listed above, Claudia will help you research, explore and invent the most conducive solution for your project.



Creative Unlock Sessions: 


FREE 25 minute Introductory phone consultation 


120 Min. CREATIVE UNLOCK session: $220 

These sessions include:

- Creative Discovery

- Creative Counseling

- Creative Expansion

- Soul Connection, Self Discovery, Self Healing

PLUS all art & making supplies, inspirational material, custom tailored Soul Tools and intentional music playlists.


(4) Session Package CREATIVE UNLOCK: $800 ($200 per session) 

- Ongoing clients will receive unlimited text and email support between sessions, plus personalized preparation and research for their next session.  


This form is a private way to contact Claudia directly or inquire about her services. 


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