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Personal Training & Private Yoga at Medicine Wheel Wellness

Personal Training Services at Medicine Wheel Wellness in Jackson, WY
“"This is a very professional and clean facility providing an array of services for your wellness needs.  My experience with Adam as a personal trainer has been extremely beneficial.  He has an intuitive knack for creating challenging and varied workouts that focus on functional strength and have seen great results. Highly recommend! Lots of other modalities offered." -Bill F.

Our highly qualified personal trainers offer PRIVATE and GROUP Personal Training sessions in our Studio.  Each trainer brings his/her own unique strengths to assist in reaching your goals at Medicine Wheel Wellness, yet every trainer believes in a medical approach of “first, do no harm”.  Personal Training sessions allow the safest and most effective gains due to the increased focus on form, function, and assessment of your needs and goals.

Whatever your goals may be, Medicine Wheel Wellness has the trainer for you; along with a wide variety of equipment and space to get you there!

Private Session:    $70 single session
Private 5 Pack:      $325  ($65 per session)
Private 10 Pack:    $625  ($62.5o per session)
Small Group:         $80 2 people
Small Group:         $90 3 people
Small Group:         $100 4+ people

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Thank you for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire.  All of this information is private, and is used to further assist our Staff in providing you the most complete consultation, for the best results possible.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Personal Trainers & Private Yoga Teachers

Certified Personal Trainer
Mindful & Gentle Flow Yoga Teacher


Personal Training Gallery

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