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Passion Profiler

Passion Profiler

Discovering your purpose and passions is one of the cornerstones of a happy and healthy life, but so many of us struggle to describe what we are really here to accomplish. If you’re looking for real insight the Passion Profiler can help. It is a scientifically developed online personality survey that uncovers the passions that emanate from the deeper purpose that drives you. If you’ve ever had the feeling that you are in the wrong job or wrong relationship, if your life lacks direction and meaning, you’ve come to the right place! The Passion Profiler will provide you with the language you’ve been seeking to describe the best that you can be and the knowledge you need to choose situations in which you will thrive and be happy.

You have two options if you are interested in learning more:
1.     Take the abbreviated version of the Passion Profiler by purchasing an access code for $11.99 at www.MyPassionCode.com You will receive a Passion Highlights short report that provides a brief description of your top three passion archetypes.
2.     If you want to dig deeper and learn how to apply your passions to building a life in which you thrive, sign up for a session with our certified Passion Profiler Consultant, Dr. Sharene Garaman. She Is a clinical psychologist who specializes in positive psychology, and is in private practice in Jackson Hole.  Dr. Garaman will provide you with access to the expanded version of the Passion Profiler, which will reveal much more about your purpose and passions. You’ll receive an in-depth 20-page report, plus a 90-minute consultation with Dr. Garaman, that will uncover your affinity for all ten passion archetypes and detail exactly how you are using your passions in your work. You’ll also learn more about your connection to your occupational specialty and the unique contributions that you can make to a team or an organization through your passions. Most importantly, you’ll learn about your own propensity for reflection, so that you can discover how to make the most of your life and work experiences, and the unique passions that define you at your best.
Please note:
Once you purchase the access code for the Passion Profiler, you will receive two receipts via email: one from PayPal acknowledging your payment, and another from Purpose-Linked Consulting, which contains the code you will need to take the survey and instructions for accessing the Passion Profiler. Be sure to check your junk mail file, and better yet, put mypassionality.com into your list of contacts.

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