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Nutritional Health at Medicine Wheel Wellness


Nutritional Health & Beauty

Health & Wellness Coaching

Beauty is created from the inside out and we truly are what we eat. Develop a program to improve your overall health and wellness with the support of a coaching professional to help guide the way toward a better you.


Nutrition Consultation

Gain valuable information to kick start or make improvements to your current diet and health habits.


Homeopathy & Apothecary

Gain insightful medical advice to treat the whole body physically, mentally, and emotionally by acquiring personal prescriptions made with natural compounds formulated for each individual's needs. 



Every body is different and we are all living at our own pace with our own interests and cravings; but one thing we know is that we must eat to have fuel to function. Whether you have a health condition, don't enjoy eating fruits and vegetables or just simply don't have the time to cook or eat healthy, adding supplements can help remedy the situation. Find out about your current supplements and if they are right for you or get set up with a supplement that can benefit your health needs. 



Health & Beauty Specialty Products

doTERRA Essential Oils

The aromatic compounds of plants make up essential oils which are generally used as a simple, safe and natural remedy to improve our health and well-being by being applied topically, inhaled or ingested to effect our body's chemistry.  Medicine Wheel Wellness carries the full line of DoTERRA Essential oils or order online and learn more HERE.


Gia Wellness Solutions

Offers life-changing wellness products and technologies that allow people to grow in their health and well-being with special care placed on the impact of and solutions to control environmental electro-pollution. Medicine Wheel Wellness carries GIA Wellness Cell Guards, Universal Guards, nutrition and healthcare products.  Learn more HERE.



Nutritional Health Consultants

Simply Health, Health & Wellness Coaching, Apotecary, Homeopathy Supplementation
Health & Wellness Coaching
Apothecary, Homeopathy



Therapeutic Guidance Coach



Health Coach



Registered Holistic Nutritionist


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