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More Than Can Be Explained

Words by Francine Bartlett

Nearly a decade ago, a friend gifted me a session with an astrologist for my birthday. She was going to “read my chart.” I wasn’t sure what that meant. When setting up the session, I was asked for the exact time and date of my birth. The idea that there was meaning in how the stars were aligned at the exact moment of my birth wasn’t something I was familiar with. But this session got my attention because my chart told the story that I was meant to be a healer. How did the stars know that?

Intrigued by knowing there’s more out there than science can explain, I continued to seek out similar experiences. My first “intuitive reading” was about my body’s “frequencies.” I had heard as much about body frequencies as I had about star charts. In college, I studied physics and astronomy, but never thought about frequency as it pertains to the human body. In that session, the numbers in the date of my birthday were added together to tell my story. And yes, as skeptical as I was that those numbers had meaning, this reading was spot on. The idea that we are a flowing energy source of frequencies that can be manipulated negatively and result in disease or that we can open energy blocks by changing our breath, was beyond anything I had been exposed to before.

Energy healing is not widely known or accepted in American culture. But it is out there in the world, and even the norm in places like India, Peru, and Bali. It is growing in the U.S. though and people are starting to hear about Deeksha and Reiki, which uses subtle hand positions to alter the vibrational energy field thought to surround and penetrate the body. Even our own hospital here now offers patients energy healing sessions.

What I have learned working with friend and holistic intuitive Jennifer Pepper for the last three years is to recognize patterns of behaviors. And how to shift them by changing perspective, or by shifting the energy being placed on them and by staying in the present moment. Jennifer has taught me that our thoughts and reactions to stressful situations affect our inner energy, alter health and emotions, and can certainly make or break how something is perceived and handled.

Need more convincing? The sounds and sensations of crystal sound bowls and the meditative vibrations of gongs bring you to the present moment, allowing you to forget your wonders and worries while filling you up. You literally vibrate with these instruments, which are set at specific frequencies to cause specific effects, such as relaxation or concentration. This isn’t woo-woo. It is physics. It is music that heals and makes you feel wonderful, like that amazing feeling we get when we sing a favorite song.

Enjoy monthly sound healing gong meditation workshops at Medicine Wheel Wellness. A weekly restorative YogaTouch class combines restful yoga poses with essential oils and singing sound bowls.

(For the record, a reading with an intuitive or astrologist does make a great birthday gift!)


De-Stressing at Medicine Wheel Wellness

Far-Infrared Therapy Biomat

The Far-Infrared Therapy BioMat in the Tranquility Room is a FDA-approved medical device. A study at a clinic in Toronto, Canada (reported in Prime Journal) showed subjects received an average of 78% improvement in stress reduction, as measured by cortisol levels, when using a BioMat. While relaxing on the BioMat you keep your clothes on as you rest between two layers of amethyst crystals emitting far-infrared therapy rays and negative ions; you feel nothing but comfortable warmth while you listen to music infused with binaural beats, which further aid in stress reduction.
Learn More HERE


DoTERRA’s signature AromaTouch Technique is a specialized light-touch massage using essential oils along energy meridians and visceral contact points in the back and feet to thoroughly relax your mind and muscles, improve circulation, and soothe sore or inflamed tissues in your body.
Learn More HERE

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

If you watch TV or surf the web to alleviate stress, invest in Gia Wellness' Cell Guards and Universal Cell Guards created to mitigate the electromagnetic radiation these devices emit that can have harmful effects on our health.
Call 307-699-7480 or stop in to learn more!

Sound Healing

In sound healing sessions, either with crystal sound bowls or gongs, vibrational frequencies fill the room absorbing into your body, mind, and soul. Their rich sounds create a deeply calming effect and have been used for healing since being accidently discovered over 4,000 years ago. 

These are just a few examples! At Medicine Wheel Wellness we have a large variety of ways for you to de-stress. Visit www.mwwjh.com to learn more, stop by 120 W. Pearl Ave in Jackson, Wyoming. Or call 307-699-7480!


Aerial Yoga Is For Everyone!

“Aerial yoga is a fun way to in- troduce people to yoga, or give long-time practitioners a dif- ferent flavor,” says Ariel Mann. “You can use the system to take weight off a body part, you can do it lying down, fully support- ed, or partially supported. A lot of people use it therapeutically. If you do yoga a lot, it is a way to improve your alignment, also, it’s fun. Kids are naturally drawn to it—they look at it as a plaything, and it gives adults an opportunity to explore their inner childlike nature.”

I Tried It - As Told By Claudette Stern

I knew nothing about aerial yoga before I tried it. I’ve done yoga since I was a teenager—I worked in a college bookstore and came across Richard Hittleman’s book 28 Days of Yoga and started that way—but saying I have a yoga practice is mak- ing it bigger than it is. This past summer I decided I was going to try all sorts of new things, places, and techniques related to being physical and self-care. I’m not a big class taker, so this was to push myself a little bit. I didn’t only want to try new things, but, at my age, 57, I think it’s important to make sure we’re being effective and skillful with all parts of our body. I wanted to use it and care for it in different ways. One day I wandered into Medicine Wheel Wellness. I found so much! I did some active isolated stretching (AIS) and also worked with [Dr.] Dagmar [“Josie” Wittner, a chiro- practor]. Talking with Francine, aerial yoga eventually came up. It sounded interesting. It turned out I loved it! Doing yoga that way felt very liberating. The opportuni- ty to feel a sense of weightlessness and maybe stretch yourself a little more than you would if you were just doing work on the floor was wonderful. I loved the way it ended, too. One of the options was to take the silk hammock and fold it up over yourself—while suspended—so you are really kind of this chrysalis inside. We did a few moments of breathing and relaxing. The world was totally shut out because the “pod” was all around you. I really decompressed. When I emerged I felt like the whole class had made a difference—I felt more expansive and stretched.Arielsmall

Meet Ariel Mann, Voted Jackson's Best Yoga Teacher 2011-2015

"The first time I went to a yoga class was because a friend dragged me. We were supposed to go on a mountain bike ride, but it was a snowy June day. My friend suggested we try hot yoga at this new yoga studio [Inversion]. I was pretty sure I was going to die in class. But leaving, I felt so good. After that first class, I did yoga five days a week. The next step was training to become a teacher. Now I am E-RYT 500, which is the highest level the Yoga Alliance certifies. Jackson Hole athletes are pretty extreme. In terms of the physical body, yoga helps to treat and prevent injury through balance and alignment and it improves body awareness so that when you’re out doing your sports, you’re more aware of how and why you’re moving. Yoga gives you confidence in yourself too."—Ariel Mann

Medicine Wheel Wellness Offers Private & Semi-Private Aerial Yoga

Studies show Aerial Yoga causes your body to release "happy" hormones like serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine, which boost your mood and help you feel more energetic.



Excel Physical Therapy

"We strive for quality care at Excel Physical Therapy, a modern facility, full of light and smiling faces, where 
licensed PTs give full hour sessions. And now with a full line of comprehensive services offered through Med- icine Wheel, there is something for everyone no matter what phase of rehab they are in." –Maria Lofgren, PT, Co-owner, Excel Physical Therapy

Maria has been treating patients for almost 20 years. She earned a B.S. degree in Kinesiology from the University of Colorado, Boulder and her M.S. degree in Physical Therapy from Sweden’s University of Gothenburg. Prior to join- ing Francine, who had founded Excel PT as a side job to treat the un-insured, Maria was director of rehab at St. John’s Medical Center. The two met at SJMC and soon after became partners at Excel. Nearly 10 years later, and now with a team of seven licensed physical therapists, Excel PT is a thriving practice dedicated to quality patient care.

Francine earned a B.S in Sports Medicine in 1995, is a NATA certified athletic trainer, and registered yoga teacher. She earned her M.S. in Physical Therapy in 2001 and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy specializing in Healthcare Administration and Practice Management in 2014. She serves as the Medical Education Director for Opedix Kinet- ic Health Gear, a recovery and performance apparel brand sold online and at Medicine Wheel’s Wellness Boutique.

“We want our profession and certainly our clinic to have a top-notch reputation,” she says. “If we don’t give patients the quality care they deserve or have a plan in place for them when their insurance runs out, they’ll turn to others for assistance, or, even worse, stay injured.”
At Excel PT, patients are scheduled in full one-hour blocks and are always with a licensed therapist. You won’t find rehab aides or techs at Excel, however you may see patients working with experienced massage thera- pists, or yoga and pilates instructors, utilized for their specialized skills that benefit the overall recovery process. Excel  78

“It’s been great to see orthopedic surgeons writing prescriptions for yoga, pilates, and even Ope- dix. It’s
even better to see insurance companies covering these things.” Francine says. “Integrat- ed healthcare and preventative medicine is our future. There are too many people in need and too many people left without proper care; in the long run this increases costs for the entire system.”

Excel PT also has a satellite clinic at Wright Training and works in conjunction with strength coach and profressional skier Crystal Wright and pilates instructor and professional skier Jess McMillan.

“There are very reputable trainers, practitioners, and rehab therapies like The Alexander Tech- nique, NeuroMovement, and Rolfing/Structural Integration available alongside the physical thera- py Excel offers.” says Francine. “We see being a part of Medicine Wheel Wellness as an opportuni- ty to offer our patients the best care possible. If someone doesn’t have health insurance but has a need for knowledgable body work or specialized care to tackle bigger issues like depression we now have the help in-house.”


Meet Medicine Wheel Wellness

Before there was Medicine Wheel Wellness, there was The Medicine Wheel. There have been about 100 medicine wheels found in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, but it is the one in the Bighorn National Forest in eastern Wyoming that is The Medicine Wheel. Native American cultures built medicine wheels to symbolize dimensions of health and life. Seventy-five feet in diameter and at an elevation of 9,642-feet, the Bighorn Medicine wheel is a national historic landmark; it is the best-preserved and most complete medicine wheel yet discovered. Francine’s connection to the Medicine Wheel started in 2008, during a Lakota sweat lodge ceremony. “To create Medicine Wheel Well- ness, I looked to traditional Medicine Wheel teachings and how I could integrate them into the health care system I must work within to make it better. We can have integrated, accessible, and effective care that is less expensive,” says Francine.

“I have personally and professionally expanded from exposure to the healing methods of other cultures. Kauai, for me, is the mothership of healing. While finishing yoga teacher training there I saw wheels everywhere. I couldn’t ignore this sign. I asked my mentors —Chief “Sweet” William, a Lakota Chief, and Jules, a Buffalo Valley native who first invited me into the sweat lodge— for permission to use the wheel in my practice; they immediately granted support. I started gathering up practitioners like a sheep dog, each with a similar vision of health and healing as mine. Medicine Wheel Wellness opened January 1, 2015.

Medicine Wheel’s home is a 5,000-square foot building in downtown Jackson that includes a 2,500-square foot physical therapy clinic (Excel Physical Therapy), a group fitness studio, a private yoga studio, a handful of private practitioner offices, and a retail boutique, all overlooking the ski runs of Snow King Mountain Resort.

“When recovering from injury, illness, dis-ease or looking to improve fitness or sports performance, Medicine Wheel Wellness gives people options that fit their budget and healthcare needs,” says Francine, who teaches yoga, knee rehab, and SURFSET Fitness classes. Medicine Wheel Wellness offers services from rehab to sports performance and numerous modalities addressing the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing. Francine says, “You don’t have to use the whole wheel, but when you are ready to work on your overall well- being—that includes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—we’re ready.” 


Strolling Into September

As we stroll into September, it’s time to grab the fleece, cover up the hands and toes and get prepared for a beautiful Fall season. This month our intention at Medicine Wheel Wellness is on soaking up as much warm weather as possible while preparing to welcome the Winter. It’s a time for TRANSITION and that opens the door to try something new…don’t fight it, welcome it. Loosen up your feathers, shift your day to day schedule…get rid of the mundane and add in something fresh to create variety, growth and motivation for a healthy shift. Read More



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