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Chris Bates

Whether you're walking into your first fitness class in years (or ever!) or you're the committed fitness/sports enthusiast looking for a gnarly workout, you probably want to trust the instructor cares about you and knows their stuff. With a Bachelors and Masters in Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami, I prioritize injury prevention via intentional technique and movement. I have four years of professional fitness training experience that includes training athletes with performance goals and teaching individuals new to fitness the best movements to lose fat and gain strength.

I grew up playing team sports in Louisiana and Florida and am joyfully engaged with the snowboarding, hiking, and climbing that the Western US has to offer! I love to be able to move freely outdoors and connect deeply with nature. These activities and passions have taught me both how resilient and how frail the human body can be. My classes and private sessions offer scientifically programmed workouts designed to help reduce your risk of injury while improving your body's ability to recover and perform your daily tasks, participate in recreational activities, and rock your extreme sports!

While ultra-fatiguing, blisteringly difficult workouts make you FEEL like you burned fat and built muscle, harder is not necessarily better. Your body will adapt to the movement stimulus that you provide it. The weightlifting and cardiovascular conditioning techniques that I’ve studied and applied to training will improve your body’s strength, stability, mobility and ability to move properly.

I value the Medicine Wheel’s holistic approach to healing. I will be part of your path to wellness by getting to know you personally. This will help me refer you to a practitioner that offers healing in the emotional, mental, or spiritual area when it falls out of my scope of practice. You had a goal in mind when clicking on this website or walking into a fitness class.

After years of training children as young as four and adults up to seventy years young, I’ve been reaffirmed in the fact that we all have different goals. This is why it’s important to take action AND have a deeper look inside yourself and your motivations. A simple step like this will likely set you up for long term success and the ability to sustain choices that’ll leave you more fulfilled and stressing less about your health. I hope to meet you soon and come alongside your choices to a high-performing and satisfying life!

Chris Bates instructs the following:
  • Durability, All Levels
  • Du·ra·bil·i·ty (noun): The ability to withstand wear, pressure, or damage.
    Recover from mental stress and the physical wear on your body. Strengthen, gain mobility, and stability in your core as you ease your body through a relaxed warm up and dynamic movements such as foam rolling, stretching, balance, and gentle strengthening to create more durability and longevity in your life so you can do the things you live better, longer, and stronger. 
    Instructors: Francine Bartlett, DPT, ATC, RYT
                        Chris Bates, CPT

  • Strength Circuit, Level 2-3
  • Strength Circuit has been designed to provide a total body workout emphasizing mobility, core stability, strength, and cardiovascular health using functional bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, steel maces, TRX suspension straps and a variety of tools from your instructors. 
    We keep you safe while making you strong and confident, preventing injury and moving your fitness to the next level. 
    Amy Harmon DPT
    Chris Bates CPT


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