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Amy Harmon, PT, DPT

Prior to obtaining her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of North Dakota, Amy graduated with honors from the University of Wyoming, where she majored in kinesiology and health sciences, and minored in psychology.
A driven, dynamic physical therapist, Amy's practice utilizes a variety of therapeutic approaches tailored to individual patient needs that incorporate a mixture of manual and traditional therapies, as well as non-traditional rehabilitation methods. She is skilled in various areas of physical therapy including outpatient orthopedic, neurological and vestibular rehabilitation, as well as acute care — and has worked with patients ranging from high-performing athletes and golfers to those recovering from stroke and living with conditions such as Parkinson's Disease.
Amy holds certifications in kinesio-tape and CPR. She is also currently pursuing advanced continuing education in vestibular rehabilitation and a strain counterstrain (SCS) certification from the Jones Institute.
A Jackson Hole native, Amy is naturally a sports and nature enthusiast. She enjoys hiking, camping, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and paddleboarding.
Amy’s Tip: Movement is the medicine for creating change.

Amy Harmon, PT, DPT instructs the following:
  • Strength Circuit, Level 2-3
  • Strength Circuit has been designed to provide a total body workout emphasizing mobility, core stability, strength, and cardiovascular health using functional bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, steel maces, TRX suspension straps and a variety of tools from your instructors. 
    We keep you safe while making you strong and confident, preventing injury and moving your fitness to the next level. 
    Amy Harmon DPT
    Chris Bates CPT

  • Shoulder Strength & Conditioning, Level 1-2
  • This class will emphasize rotator cuff and scapular stabilization exercises which can decrease symptoms associated with impingement, instability, biceps tendonitis, as well as postural imbalances. Our shoulder and spine rehab classes are ideal for those recovering from a shoulder, spine or other upper body injuries or for those looking to prevent injury and improve posture, function and stability.
    Level 1-2
    Instructor: Amy Harmon, PT, DPT


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