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Amy DiSanto

Amy DiSanto has been inspiring individuals and organizations to see the “big picture” since 1987. Drawing equally on contemplative philosophy and modern science — neuroscience, psychology, and sociology — Amy supports people from a wide variety faith backgrounds (or none) in developing their own spiritual aptitude. This insight then allows each person to respond to events in their lives in ways that promote personal and relational healing and well-being.
Whether you have long walked a spiritual path, are just beginning, or wish to begin again, Amy will help you notice and co-operate with the rhythms and promptings of your own spiritual journey.
Amy is a Certified Spiritual Director and member of Spiritual Directors International with a focus on integrating basic spirituality into daily life in order to achieve the necessary balance to live fully. She teaches spiritual practices to individuals and groups.
Spiritual Direction can help you:
• connect with a source greater than yourself.
• examine personal spiritual beliefs that might have been lost or outgrown
• discern your life's direction and role in the world.
• balance your need to make a living with the desire to find meaning in your work.
• pursue a more integrated personal, professional, and spiritual life.
• heal from inner brokenness.
• deepen your ability to discover the sacred within yourself and the world.
An avid outdoor enthusiast and lifelong soccer player, Amy provides her services at Medicine Wheel Wellness in Jackson Hole, WY.
For more information visit:
You can reach Amy at info@insightsjh.com

Amy DiSanto instructs the following:
  • Care for your Soul
  • All through October, every Thursday from 12:15-12:45 come learn about spiritual direction and care for your soul.
    What is Spiritual Direction?
    Learning to listen deeply to your soul
    • Developing useful spiritual practices
    • Cultivating inner calm
    • Healing of hurts and brokenness
    Your search for meaning is unique. You can deepen your relationship with what you hold sacred and live more fully from those values with the support of a spiritual director.

  • Changing Seasons, Changing Heart
  • How the Outer Seasons Reflect Our Inner Landscape When we attune to the “seasonal” changes within, we can learn to embrace change with less resistance, and even invite changes to occur knowing that these cycles we experience are a necessary aspect of life that brings nourishment and growth.
    In this workshop, we will explore the seasons of change that happen naturally within the cycles of our own spiritual lives and learn to trust the wise force of Spirit that inhabits all things.
    Join Certified Spiritual Director, Amy DiSanto, to learn more. Conveniently held during the lunch hour, so feel free to bring a sandwich and join the conversation!


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