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Jennifer Pepper

Intuitive psychic readings offer the perspective to gain greater clarity and understanding about your life and relationships. Receive intuitive guidance for a deeper personal understanding of your place in the cosmos. Jennifer is a wise accurate and attentive professional medical intuitive and psychic energy coach. Experiencing a session with Jennifer is akin to a treasure map, revealing with clues to relevant life themes and truths: perspectives on love patterns and relationships, geographic destiny designs, deeper personal gifts. Turn your stumbling blocks in to stepping stones. If you feel stuck emotionally or confused about Spirituality and your place in the Cosmos, this is for you. She will illuminate points of view with detailed intuitive information; frequently healing conflicts by illuminating the essence of your “life stories”. She offers spiritual wisdom with a direct, often humorous style. Her readings are suited to people of all ages, including children.
Jennifer’s readings are for anyone interested in spiritual growth, awareness and peace of mind.

Jennifer is also classically trained massage therapist educated in european swedish massage techniques. Her relaxing massages incorporate slow deep sliding and kneading of large muscles with both passive and active joint movements. Unknoting tightness and toxins with gentle kneading and stress release. In 2013-14 Jennifer spent a year studying and practicing bioenergetic healing and traditional thai massage techniques, while living in Chaing Mai, Thailand. The experience added a deeper appreciation and understanding, of the nature of balance and energetic patterns, within the human body. Jennifer brings a healing touch to all her massage techniques and she always enjoys adding in energy attunments and soothing harmonic sounds, should the client wish to experience additional stress relief.

MA Transpersonal Communication (Atlantic U)~ongoing
BS Communications (Emerson College)
Certified Aromatherapist (Asian Center Healing Arts)
Certified Teacher (UniTEFL Chaing Mai)
Certified Life Coach (Fowler Wainwright)

To find out more about Jennifer and her services, and to book directly, visit


Jennifer Pepper is currently not instructing any classes.


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