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Jennifer Pepper

Jennifer Pepper is a practicing Intuitive Wellness Coach and Aromatherapist that communicates with psychic abilities and energetic training. Since 2010, she has coached and consulted with businesses, individuals, couples and children in developing greater personal awareness, talents, abilities and purpose in the United States, Asia and Europe.


“I see the energetic Universes surrounding and defining the nature of a human being, this energetic information is relevant and usually important for the spirit to grow.” Jennifer’s work is about bringing a person into his or her own awareness by sharing what is residing in, attached to or surrounding them. The insights often include archetypal relationships, geographic relations and opportunities often clearing away blocks and obstacles. Every sentient being has an energetic “body” that effects relationships within and outside themselves. Accessing this information allows for accelerated personal growth and profound soul awareness.


MA Transpersonal Communication (Atlantic U)~ongoing
BS Communications (Emerson College)
Certified Aromatherapist (Asian Center Healing Arts)
Certified Teacher (UniTEFL Chaing Mai)
Certified Life Coach (Fowler Wainwright)

*For in house bookings located at Medicine Wheel Wellness, please use appointments tab to book directly with Jennifer.  If you wish to schedule a phone session, house call, or wish to see availability for weekend appointments, please email skyfarmreadings@gmail.com

Jennifer Pepper instructs the following:
  • Intuition: Your 7th Sense
  • We rely on complex physical sensory systems as we navigate, learn, explore, know, see, hear, taste touch and experience our lives during our lifetimes! Intuition is our 7th Sense and it is Aware. Like Hearing or Eyesight, your Intuition is taking in a great deal of information. Intuitive Awareness is a personal development tool that enables a deeper and more enriching appreciation of the Nature of Life.

    Join us for this evening Talk with a Professional Intuitive and Teacher, Jennifer Pepper. With a MA is Transpersonal Communication, she will talk and teach on basic practices and tools for accessing your own Intuitive Awareness and how to grow a trusting relationship with yourself. We are all, much more than we realize.


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