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Foundational Training: Hand & Foot

This class is taught by:

Bobbi Reyes, CMT, CPT

Bobbi Reyes has twenty years of work experience as a health care provider in Jackson, Wyoming. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, receiving her degrees at The Cooper Institute and The Boulder College of Massage Therapy, respectively. She specializes in working with athletes to achieve optimal sports performance, as well as injury prevention and rehabilitation. She has also trained in Yoga and Pilates, and studied at the Master’s level in the BCMT Orthopedic and Sports massage program. Bobbi is a Booty Barre® Certified Instructor and a MELT Hand/Foot Instructor. She is currently training in the renowned Stretch to Win program as well. 
Her outdoor interests include mountain biking, skiing, hiking and ice hockey. Through her business Core Training and Wellness she enjoys educating and empowering people to be in charge of their health, and looks forward to helping you realize your fitness potential and personal wellness goals.
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Francine Bartlett, PT, DPT, ATC, RYT-200

Francine is the Founder, Owner, and Director of Medicine Wheel Wellness and Founder, Co-owner of Excel Physical Therapy.  Her background as a Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, and Yoga Instructor coupled with a passion for travel, led into deeper studies of energy medicine and a variety of cultural healing practices. Francine believes whole body optimal health and wellness requires a holistic, integrative approach with balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of well-being.
While she enjoys working with all ages and injuries/conditions, with a 22 year history in orthopedic sports medicine, Francine specializes in athletic injury recovery, particularly knee rehab. She is the Medical Education Director of Opedix Kinetic Health Gear and holds certifications  in Z-Health, SportsMetrics, KinesioTaping, Reflexology, Yoga, Dry Needling, Reiki, Thai Massage, and Kettlebell Training.
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Our foundation is where the action starts. We gain power, endurance, and ability by creating a stable and strong foundation through the hands and feet. Whether it’s to eliminate pain, improve a yoga practice, or become a better runner and climber, this workshop will take you through the steps to set a healthy foundation to prevent injury and enhance performance.
Step 1: The MELT Method: Hand & Foot Release With Bobbi Reyes, CMT, CPT Relieve pain, tension, and dehydration in the hands and feet that can lead to stress and discomfort as well as neck and low back pain. Learn the signature MELT Method Hand & Foot techniques to release and rehydrate connective tissue and rebalance the nervous system.
Step 2: Stretch, Stabilize, and Strengthen With Francine Bartlett, DPT, ATC, RYT Stretch muscles of the hands/forearms and feet/lower legs to create mobility and flexibility. Learn exercises to stabilize and strengthen to secure injury free activity and enhance performance. Leave with a Home Exercise Program to maintain relief and continue to build a solid foundation.

With: Francine Bartlett & Bobbi Reyes
Cost: $20


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