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Medicine Wheel Infographic from Medicine Wheel Wellness in Jackson, WY

About Medicine Wheel Wellness

Every aspect of Medicine Wheel Wellness has been designed to create more efficient, holistic healing whether from injury, chronic pain, or lifelong patterns. Integrating complementary services with convenient access, we create better health and wellness for everybody…givers and receivers alike. Supported by an active and athletic community, the spirit of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, and the Native American "Medicine Wheel" located in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains, Medicine Wheel Wellness has been created for people to find a path to optimal wellness through a balance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being.

Before there was Medicine Wheel Wellness, there was The Medicine Wheel. There have been about 100 medicine wheels found in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, but it is the one in the Bighorn National Forest in eastern Wyoming that is "The Medicine Wheel". Native American cultures built medicine wheels to symbolize dimensions of health and life. Seventy-five feet in diameter and at an elevation of 9,642-feet, the Bighorn Medicine Wheel is a national historic landmark; it is the best preserved and most complete medicine wheel yet discovered.

The inspiration for Medicine Wheel Wellness came from a need for more affordable, efficient, and accessible health care practices for our community and world-wide.  Integrating therapeutic services, East and West with ancient Medicine Wheel teachings from the North and South, we integrate medical care with nature creating a health care model for optimal health and healing.  HEALTHY BODY. HAPPY MIND. CALM EMOTIONS. BALANCED SPIRIT.

Outdoor Medicine Wheel Sunset at Medicine Wheel Wellness in Jackson, WY
Image: Medicine Wheel sunset photograph by Tom Melham

Francine Bartlett, Owner & Director of Medicine Wheel Wellness in Jackson, WY“When recovering from injury, illness, dis-ease or looking to improve an overall healthy lifestyle, you have options at Medicine Wheel Wellness that fit your individual budget and healthcare needs. A healthcare model based around integration, affordable care, and prevention has always been a vision of mine since becoming a Physical Therapist in 2001. After seeing the challenges patients and providers face with the current healthcare system, I wanted to create a progressive approach emphasizing quality care that benefits the patient as well as the system I know I must work within. Every body is different but we are all striving for the same goal…to feel good and live a happy, quality life. Medicine Wheel Wellness provides people with a broad variety of options and access to quality care all in one convenient location saving time, money and creating a positive holistic healing environment for a healthy body, happy mind, calm emotions, and balanced spirit”.
-Francine Bartlett, PT, DPT, ATC, RYT

Welcome! I am the owner and director of Medicine Wheel Wellness and co-own Excel Physical Therapy, the initial therapeutic service that set the foundation for Medicine Wheel Wellness. My practice as a Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, and Yoga Instructor coupled with a passion for travel led into deeper studies in the healing methods of global and local cultures.  I believe to achieve optimal health and wellness it requires a holistic approach with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of being in balance. With the guidance from the Medicine Wheel and through the collaborative practitioners who offer their services within our healing space, I feel we are offering the community a holistic approach to optimal healing and a means to prevent illness and dis-ease.



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